Sailfish Marina Resort 98 Lake Drive, Palm Beach Shores, FL 33404

The True Meaning of Tiki

Tiki is one of those dreamy words that only the sweet lapping of waves under a warm orange glow of setting sun can convey. Tiki elicits visions of mixed tropical libations, cold beer and fine wine, Calypso music ringing softly, the smell of freshly prepared seafood wafting through the air. Tiki is an ambiance, a mindset—unless of course you’re at the Tiki Bar at Sailfish Marina.

Here, you can live it in real time. Come visit, socialize, relax, play a little cornhole, tickle your taste buds with a professionally crafted cocktail, enjoy chef-selected cuisine. Feast your eyes on boats afloat in the marina, the Natural Seawall Aquarium, the lush expanse of green lawn. Take refuge under our jumbo shade-tree umbrellas. It’s all here. It’s all at the Tiki Bar at Sailfish Marina where the true meaning of Tiki resides.

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Our Water Taxi will begin running our normal operating schedule on Friday, April 9th.